SUMo for Windows XP (32/64 bit)

SUMo for Windows XP

SUMo for Windows XP - a tool for batch and selective update of software versions. The utility determines the list of installed software, reads the values of current versions and URLs of official repositories, can check for updates at system start-up or according to a predetermined schedule.

The application allows you to install new versions in the background, does not require user intervention, automatically deletes temporary installation files. Displays the degree of importance of the update, allows you to add custom software by dragging the executive files into the program window. You can free download SUMo official latest version for Windows XP in English.


Technical information SUMo

Screenshot SUMo for Windows XPRelated Software
  1. SkypeSkype
  2. NortonNorton
  3. Media Player ClassicMedia Player Classic
  4. OperaOpera
  5. BonjourBonjour
  6. iTunesiTunes