Web browsers for Windows XP (32/64 bit)

  • Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

    The browser on the PC engine is used for qualitative Web surfing, work, entertainment in the network has a few additional plugins, keeps data secure.

  • Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox

    Network Explorer Web pages at high speed holds the configuration of sites provides access to search, has excellent functionality, offers a variety of extensions, tabs, advantages.

  • OperaOpera

    Tool for notebook view pages, sites, improves stability, playback has a nice design, produces constant updates with the expansion of the base functions.

  • Comodo DragonComodo Dragon

    The main feature of this software is to protect personal passwords, logins. It allows you to open Web sites on the World Wide Web has integration with various devices, blocking suspicious resources.

  • Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer

    Standard program for navigation in the network has many bookmarks, has password manager configures the blocking dangerous sites quickly saves the code pages that stabilizes performance when opening tabs.

  • OrbitumOrbitum

    Secure client software allows you to communicate on the Internet, visit and save addresses, enter adblocker and speed limits, configure synchronization devices, maintain confidentiality in Web traffic.

  • SafariSafari

    Free alternative known modern browsers launches Turbo mode for quick visit pages opens Flash applications, animation, has a built-in player that offers its own search engine.

  • MaxthonMaxthon

    A Web browser with a CGI for notebook gives you the ability to configure a proxy server to bypass the ban on visits to network resources, preserve the incognito mode. Has a nice interface, a special panel for chats on social networks.

  • Avant BrowserAvant Browser

    Completely anonymous and fast browser webkit. Helps you find and download any information online. Has the ability to install different add-ons and plugins.

The software package is used to view sites, Web pages, e-mail, visiting social networks. Unlike other software platforms provides total security use, preserves the anonymity of users. Download and install old full version one of the Web Browsers for Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 (32/64 bit).