Video Editing Software for Windows XP (32/64 bit)

  • Windows Movie MakerWindows Movie Maker

    Video editor works with media files in any format, allows you to synchronize with Web cameras, adds sound tracks, titles, holds the creation of unique videos.

  • VirtualDubModVirtualDubMod

    Tool for editing video, music on your PC, add audio, effects, transitions, overlays, fast processing objects, installation images on the cover, attach special effects.

  • Windows Live Movie MakerWindows Live Movie Maker

    The editor of the amateur and professional films quickly commit simple capturing on a laptop screen, increases the quality of records, handles the clips, provides a set of special effects.

  • AvidemuxAvidemux

    Application edits, changes, processes, improves any videos, adds photos for covers, allows for viewing small video, cuts the sound snippets of footage.

  • Corel VideoStudioCorel VideoStudio

    System for modifying and editing video, quality of installation, use boilerplate material, the collection filters, subtitles, add transitions, slide show.

  • Free Video EditorFree Video Editor

    Software project improves the quality of pictures, videos, you can play media files via the Internet, changes the speed of playback, adds filters and special effects.

  • Free Video DubFree Video Dub

    Free program for PC allows you to edit any number of files at the same time, carries out the conversion formats, works with several models of camcorders and Web cameras.

  • VideoPad Video EditorVideoPad Video Editor

    Utility media enhances resolution improves the quality, speed of play, adjusts the display of captions. Any function the program has a reference designator in the special section.

  • Sony Vegas ProSony Vegas Pro

    Makes pruning large video in Full HD, conversion and video acceleration for 2d, 3d. Works on slower PCs. Suitable for beginners.

The software gives you the ability to edit your videos, add special effects, transitions, titles, filters for comfortable viewing. It is available for all devices on the basis of known operating system. Download and install old full version one of the Video Editing for Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 (32/64 bit).