Video Creation Software for Windows XP (32/64 bit)

  • Windows Movie MakerWindows Movie Maker

    Standard Movie Maker from Microsoft, designed for video editing and creation of family films. Contains a basic set of features and tools that are easy to understand and use. There is a built-in player.

  • VirtualDubModVirtualDubMod

    Advanced video editor that supports any audio and video media files. Provides the ability to simultaneously work with multiple audio tracks. Individual frames from the movie can be exported as a PNG file.

  • Movavi Video EditorMovavi Video Editor

    Video editor includes built-in filters, transition effects, lets you create and edit captions, add text, photos, create a button menu for the DVD. Suitable for beginners.

  • AvidemuxAvidemux

    Advanced program that combines the functionality of the editor and converter. Guides you through the installation videos, copy, cut, paste, slice, change its place in the video. You can add music accompaniment.

  • Corel VideoStudioCorel VideoStudio

    Integrated system for the processing and production of visual content in high resolution with the possibility of fine tuning. There are tools for screen recording, there is a plugin to stabilize images, it is possible to capture the signal with webcams.

  • Free Video EditorFree Video Editor

    Popular software solution allows you to create and edit videos. Supports current multimedia formats, to help you create a unique high quality video clip, add music or special effect from the built-in library.

  • Free Video DubFree Video Dub

    Practical software for viewing and editing videos, where you can easily trim unnecessary fragments. Enables you to change the playback speed, add sound or record your voice, raise the level of brightness, contrast, sharpness.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CCAdobe Premiere Pro CC

    Software tool for non-linear video editing and edit clips. Supports processing of content filters available blending artistic effects. To save it, you can choose the hard disk or external drive.

  • VideoPad Video EditorVideoPad Video Editor

    Home video editor for beginners. VideoStudio holds change footage and recordings. Allows you to create beautiful promotional videos in HD.

Specialized software for creating slide shows, video clips, presentations, and instructional lessons and full movies. Download and install old full version one of the Video Creator for Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 (32/64 bit).