Players for Windows XP (32/64 bit)

  • Media Player ClassicMedia Player Classic

    The player plays audio, video of any format on your personal computer, provides the codecs to run high quality media, manages files in the built-in library.

  • KMPlayerKMPlayer

    The popular player to play any music, movies, sound recordings on the device. It allows you to configure playback of streaming video with tv channels, network resources.

  • RealPlayerRealPlayer

    Media Player scans media files on your laptop, offers a full EQ for settings of audio tracks, subtitles, adds special effects to videos and movies.

  • VLC Media PlayerVLC Media Player

    Plays most video extensions tool, offline and online, adds album art image, provides a guide for tv channels.

  • WinampWinamp

    Known soft strong using a huge amount of plugins, Flash settings for high-quality playback of mp3 files on a personal computer, automatic volume control.

  • Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Player

    A free program from the manufacturer of the famous operating system enables you to run multimedia files of any format, customize the display text subtitles.

  • PowerDVDPowerDVD

    The perfect solution for playing different files on your PC. Synchronized with optical disks to view media on removable media, improves the quality of image and sound.

  • GOM PlayerGOM Player

    Great media player on any device running the popular operating system. It synchronizes with browsers to run music, online video, configures a convenient view.

  • Light AlloyLight Alloy

    Classic video player is responsible for listening to songs and viewing movies in 3gp, waw, flac, mkv. Has a friendly interface, no ads, not reduces the performance of your computer. Can edit tags of audio files.

Software with great functionality and a multitude of additional functions helps to play media files, adds special effects, subtitles into objects. It regularly gets an update to fix minor bugs. Download and install old full version one of the Players for Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 (32/64 bit).