Music Creation Software for Windows XP (32/64 bit)

  • AudacityAudacity

    Music Editor, which is based on the creation of the audio on the Internet. Is available in the form of synthesizer and is intended for professional musicians, has a high level, is used for recording studios.

  • Adobe AuditionAdobe Audition

    Application in which music is created from the very beginning. Thanks to the modern engine sound is processed faster, a wide range of editing tools help to quickly mix the tracks.

  • FL StudioFL Studio

    Free program performs the mixing, mastering, sound setting and selection of sound effects for new compositions. It is suitable for a known operating system and does not occupy much space.

  • AVS Audio EditorAVS Audio Editor

    Popular application changes the playback speed, holds partial mixing, makes video text overlay, saves templates improvisation and sheet music on your hard drive.

  • Ableton LiveAbleton Live

    Network utility for the computer whose main function is to create music tracks. Will help bring quality creativity to a new level thanks to modern work tools and plugins.

  • Free Audio DubFree Audio Dub

    The product works with any source of music creation. He has a lot of pluses in comparison with analogues, provides a broad base of information configures the sound already existing tracks.

  • Traktor PROTraktor PRO

    Software suitable for beginner DJ (DJ). Has a large selection of Club bits samples. Built-in sequencer facilitates creative process develop electronic melodies, cons, Dubstep, rap songs in mp3.

  • MP3 CutterMP3 Cutter

    Known instrument conducting recording audio, editing music that enhances sound quality and handling tracks, creates mixes and writes data in any format.

  • Virtual DJVirtual DJ

    A powerful mixer for laptop that performs multiple tasks simultaneously. It will completely replace expensive equipment and can help synchronize tracks user with any resources.

The software helps you create high-quality music with minimal time and effort. Support and simulation of multiple musical instruments will provide an opportunity to diversify the recording process, feel the variance. Download and install old full version one of the Creating Music for Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 (32/64 bit).