E-mail Clients for Windows XP (32/64 bit)

  • Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft Outlook

    The client program is working with electronic letters, cleans email for spam, offers a feature to synchronize with all browsers, sets up the calendar, contacts on the device.

  • Gmail NotifierGmail Notifier

    System gives you the ability to configure filter electronic mailbox, start checking records, connect to network services for sending replies, create an account on your computer.

  • The Bat!The Bat!

    Handy tool provides assistance in protecting any number of e-mails from spyware attacks and break-ins. He opens the letter in a separate window, you can add multiple files, folders, attachments. Basic version supports all known accounts.

  • Mozilla ThunderbirdMozilla Thunderbird

    A great solution for preserving security letters on my laptop and desktop. Block suspicious URLs and links, offers search by letters, helps to create and design new-type mail.

  • Outlook ExpressOutlook Express

    Special plugin provides access to user by e-mail correspondence, supervises the work of servers offers templates for Web browser, solves problems and problems with sending, receiving.

  • eM ClienteM Client

    The main advantages of this Manager are reading any number of letters, e-mail correspondence, sorting data by subject, correcting spelling errors, import the full list of media to the device.

  • Zimbra DesktopZimbra Desktop

    Freeware program enables you to view, delete, encrypt the information by e-mail, the sender helps fully customized protocols, improves the usability of the chat.

  • FoxMailFoxMail

    Modern lightweight client is used to send bulk emails. Is offline, seriously makes it easy for Office tasks. Supports pop3, smtp, esmtp.

Software package gives you the ability to send, receive, configure, delete, sort, copy emails to multiple accounts simultaneously. He produced the famous operating system, has a huge number of additional working tools. Download and install old full version one of the E-mail Clients for Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 (32/64 bit).